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    Sounds great! How do I get started?

    Sending your first invoice using Billy is easy. It takes a few minutes to give Billy your company’s details, but after that each new invoice is quick...

    • Step One: Fill out the Trial Account Sign Up Form. Most of this information is used to create your invoices
    • Step Two: Add your first customer… fill in your customer’s details
    • Step Three: Create your first invoice… fill in the product and price and hit Send! Or put the product details into your Product Catalogue so that you can easily use them again.
    Statements are sent automatically to each customer according to the way you set up each customer, or you can send one after issuing a receipt, or any time you like.
    Later you can:
    • create standard products that you can add to future invoices
    • create a schedule to automatically creates and send invoices over the period of a contract
    • create line items to add to an invoice when you are ready to send it
    You can also:
    • issue receipts when you get paid by a customer
    • issue credit notes
    • issue debit notes
    • generate activity reports

    How can I be sure that my business information is safe?

    Your customer and invoicing information is kept in a secure database behind a firewall. Access to it is password protected -- and you can change your password at any time. The database is backed up daily to a remote server.  So, its a lot safer than a folder of paper on a shelf in your office. But it is best to regularly export your transactions and keep a separate record, just in case. You can export all your transactions as CSV (comema separated values) files, so there will be a permanent record of your transactions. And if you use Pastel, you can export your transactions into that.

    If there is no paper invoice, which one is the 'original'?

    Invoices are issued when they are sent - the invoice is given a sequential number and cannot be further edited. (Before being issued, invoices are pro forma and can be changed). On issue, a PDF (portable document format) file is created and sent straight to the customer -- this is the 'original'. A 'copy' is kept by Billy.

    Can I use Billy to manage contracts?

    Yes - Billy is ideal for this. You can schedule Billy to send regular invoices over the lifetime of a contract - once a month for twelve months, say; or at the same time each year.  When the schedule expires it is flagged so that you can renew the contract with the customer and restart the schedule.

    How do I know that the invoices that Billy sends have been opened?

    Well, when you send paper invoices through the mail how do you know that they have been received and opened? Usually when you get paid! Billy is better than that. If the email with the invoice or statement attached is not delivered, then you will get a bounce notice. But Billy can't force your customers to pay up (yet).

    Is there a limit to the number of customers that Billy can handle?

    No. But if you send more than 100 invoices in a month, then Billy will charge you a R50 increment for 100 more invoices. It doesn't matter how many statements or credit notes you send.

    Can I integrate Billy with other systems?

    Billy already integrates with Pastel Accounting. Other accounting system integrations are planned. And it is also possible to input data into Billy from other systems. The Billy development team is ready to help with customisations.

    You can't be the first to offer this! Who are your competitors?

    Well, there are plently of coporate providers of billing systems and electronic bill presentation systems. But we haven't found any that are as easy to use, cost effective and as friendly as Billy. In South Africa, you can check out the eBilling service offered by MWeb ( We are sure you will prefer Billy :) 

    Still haven't found what your looking for? Ask Billy.

    “You just tell Billy what bills to send and when, and it steams along and does it!”